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Hi, I’m Mohammed EDDAMOUN
I’m an enthusiastic web developer & UI/UX designer.
My passion is to build products that make people's lives easier,
in a clean & modern style.

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Selected Projects

These are some of the best projects that I have built over the last 3 years, using different programming languages ​​and design tools. Modern designs, and clean codes are what I mainly focus on in every single project I work on. You can check them in the list below. If you like them, or if you have any opinions, suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to receive your message.

All Web Disktop Mobile Branding
Food delivery
Food delivery app 2020
SGE project
SGE project 2020
work management
Work management app 2019
Booking app
Booking web app 2019
To do list app
To do list app 2019
Course management
Course management app 2020
AWCM app
AWCM - Messaging app 2020
QCM app
Multiple choice app 2019
Syndic app 2019
ATM machine
AORB - ATM machine 2018